Carmen is beginning to settle into everyday life at the prison. Each week she is paired off with a variety of handlers for socialization and each time she comes back to her own handler, she is given a great report. School and classroom settings used to make her anxious, but now she settles with ease, provided there is a blanket nearby to nap on! Carmen has really come out of her shell on the playing field and in the dorm playing off leash with the other hounds with toys. There isn't a squeaky toy that doesn't excite her, but her absolute favorite is the "Shofar" (a tan goat horn/banana-looking thing that cries). She and her friend Lucy go bonkers over this thing, relentless to find the source of the noise coming from this odd-looking toy. She also enjoys running with Coach Turbo on the play field. They are very smitten with each other and play extremely well together. Carmen's training is coming along as well. She can be a bit stubborn, especially with the 20 foot down/stay, but eventually comes around. Overall, she is a great dog, full of life and love for anyone who chooses to adopt her.