Carmen has had another fun and adventurous week!  Her socialization is going great. She spends many hours of several days of the week with a variety of handlers in different areas of the compound. One day Carmen spent the entire day with an inmate over in the garden, exploring the greenhouse and walking around in areas foreign to her. How far she has come in this 5 weeks. You can see such a positive change in her confidence! When Carmen isn’t being taken around by her many admirers, she spends most of the time at rec with her boyfriend, Coach Turbo. It’s really something to see these two! He is very much the ladies’ man, so when too many females gather around him in the socials in the gym, Carmen is there to stake her claim on him. Off leash they run, chase squeaky toys and play together. She also plays well by herself. Her three favorite toys are the Kong Wubba, the Shofar and a giant pink rubber squeaky ball. On the play field, she runs around with the pink squeaky ball in her mouth just having a blast. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Carmen will certainly fall head over heels in love with this little princess. She is a great dog, hands down!