Carmen continues to excel each week she is at the prison. She has completely come out of her shell, a 180 degree turnaround from the fearful, overly alert girl who arrived four weeks ago. This newly emerged Carmen is spunky, happy, and curious about new places and things, but without so much of the anxiety any more. Her handler is so proud of how much she has accomplished and overcome, and whoever adopts her will not be disappointed. The personality that has blossomed is one that any pet owner would love to have in their dog: one full of joy, happiness and love for anyone who crosses her path. Carmen's training is going very well. She is doing great on the 20 foot down/stay and will even do it for other people in the dorm. She now does Visit on command, which is very cute. And speaking of cute, on Thursday they had the annual Dog-o'ween parade through the compound, and boy was this little princess a hit! She was dressed as a ballerina, complete with lace-up slippers on all 4 paws and laced up her legs. Everyone loved her. She scored many treats with her get-up and did her commands in many different places around the facility. Overall another great week with Carmen!