It's hard to believe this is Carmen's last week already.  She's been so good that time has flown by.  She knows all her commands well and may just need a little bonding time to start to respond to them in her new home, but once she has a comfortable relationship, she will gladly do what is asked of her without complaint or requiring a bribe! This little girls loves to play.  If her new family finds the medium-sized, pink, nobby-looking rubber squeaky ball in a pet store, they will know right away it's her favorite as she will go crazy over it.  Overall, Carmen is an awesome dog. She is no longer the shy, timid girl who first arrived; a new, proud, playful and confident dog has emerged and is taking life by the horns!  You will most definitely fall in love with this little princess.  She's full of spunk, love and joy, and her handler and the other inmates may be losing a great dog, but as her forever family, you will, without a doubt, be gaining a great dog in your home.


Carmen has had a quieter week this week as the weather has been rainy.  She is very much an outside dog who loves to run and play with her toys and friends every chance she gets.  She's really made an impression on all of the residents who live with her and made a home with them.  She is very much the boss in many things, but is quick to relinquish power to her handler when asked to do something.  Her forever family should be prepared for a lot of fun, love, laughs and smiles because she will definitely fill their life with all of those things each and every day.


Carmen is a bundle of energy, full of life, personality and always on the move.  She loves food and toys best.  When she plays, she plays full speed and puts her heart, mind and soul into capturing the toy being thrown for her.  When with other dogs, her entire focus is getting to the toy first, but despite being competitive she isn't mean or aggressive with the other dogs she plays with (Turbo is her favorite).  She releases toys well without any resistance. Carmen is and absolutely awesome, happy dog.  She listens well, does excellently with her commands and has no behavioral issues.  Her handler hopes the family who adopts her will fall in love with her as they all have at the prison, and give her a safe and loving forever home.


Carmen continues to grow and blossom each week that she is at the prison.  he anxieties over new environments have made such vast improvements.  Watching her play and interact with other dogs, toys and people brings a smile to your face. If you throw one of her favorite toys (currently either the large Kong Wubba and a neon pink squeaky ball), she'll run after them, retrieve them, then frolic about, squeaking away! She continues to do well on her commands and her 20 foot stay is improving as well - she will actually do it better with people she's not used to working with! Whoever adopts sweet Carmen is going to be overjoyed.


Carmen has had another fun and adventurous week!  Her socialization is going great. She spends many hours of several days of the week with a variety of handlers in different areas of the compound. One day Carmen spent the entire day with an inmate over in the garden, exploring the greenhouse and walking around in areas foreign to her. How far she has come in this 5 weeks. You can see such a positive change in her confidence! When Carmen isn’t being taken around by her many admirers, she spends most of the time at rec with her boyfriend, Coach Turbo. It’s really something to see these two! He is very much the ladies’ man, so when too many females gather around him in the socials in the gym, Carmen is there to stake her claim on him. Off leash they run, chase squeaky toys and play together. She also plays well by herself. Her three favorite toys are the Kong Wubba, the Shofar and a giant pink rubber squeaky ball. On the play field, she runs around with the pink squeaky ball in her mouth just having a blast. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Carmen will certainly fall head over heels in love with this little princess. She is a great dog, hands down!


Carmen continues to excel each week she is at the prison. She has completely come out of her shell, a 180 degree turnaround from the fearful, overly alert girl who arrived four weeks ago. This newly emerged Carmen is spunky, happy, and curious about new places and things, but without so much of the anxiety any more. Her handler is so proud of how much she has accomplished and overcome, and whoever adopts her will not be disappointed. The personality that has blossomed is one that any pet owner would love to have in their dog: one full of joy, happiness and love for anyone who crosses her path. Carmen's training is going very well. She is doing great on the 20 foot down/stay and will even do it for other people in the dorm. She now does Visit on command, which is very cute. And speaking of cute, on Thursday they had the annual Dog-o'ween parade through the compound, and boy was this little princess a hit! She was dressed as a ballerina, complete with lace-up slippers on all 4 paws and laced up her legs. Everyone loved her. She scored many treats with her get-up and did her commands in many different places around the facility. Overall another great week with Carmen!


Carmen is beginning to settle into everyday life at the prison. Each week she is paired off with a variety of handlers for socialization and each time she comes back to her own handler, she is given a great report. School and classroom settings used to make her anxious, but now she settles with ease, provided there is a blanket nearby to nap on! Carmen has really come out of her shell on the playing field and in the dorm playing off leash with the other hounds with toys. There isn't a squeaky toy that doesn't excite her, but her absolute favorite is the "Shofar" (a tan goat horn/banana-looking thing that cries). She and her friend Lucy go bonkers over this thing, relentless to find the source of the noise coming from this odd-looking toy. She also enjoys running with Coach Turbo on the play field. They are very smitten with each other and play extremely well together. Carmen's training is coming along as well. She can be a bit stubborn, especially with the 20 foot down/stay, but eventually comes around. Overall, she is a great dog, full of life and love for anyone who chooses to adopt her.


Carmen has had a really good week and her handler is very proud of how much better she is adapting compared to last week. She has been getting a lot of socialization with various team members, which seems to be helping her relax. With this extra socialization, she has been going to school a lot. Though she can be very alert in different areas, she does then settle down. Carmen seems more interested in food now, so this helps with encouraging her to learn with a kibble reward. She is able to take stairs without a problem and, now that she has mastered sit (still slightly wobbly), both stay and down are being incorporated.  A discovery this week was that Carmen loves squeaky toys, and she shares nicely while interacting in toy play with the other dogs. She also loves running with the other hounds.


Carmen loves being outside on the puppy field, where she is relaxed and most at ease away from noise and crowds. She spends the majority of the day outside at rec and in the evenings she takes walks around the dorm on leash with different residents or relaxes in her bed area on her comforter. Training began on Thursday and so far she's doing pretty well. She's sitting without scooping already, and with only the occasional light tap on the top of the tail needed to remind her what to do. She's mastered kennel well and has also learned here, heel, wait and jump. Carmen is a very loving and sweet dog and her handler continues to work with her to help her become more confident in her new, busy environment.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

The cutest greyhound this inmate has ever seen came prancing in Thursday, bearing the name Carmen Electra. She is so petite and immediately captured her handler's heart big time. Carmen is very shy but curious, observant of everything going on around her. Her appetite is good, and sleeping or relaxing on a blanket come easily to her. Though still shy with people and with all the new sights, sounds and smells to get used to, she does socialize well with other dogs and gains confidence from them. She's a sweet, quiet, shy little girl looking for a family to love and adopt her.