Sweetdream had time with various handlers this week and did great. With one she went to the library and walked around helping choose books! She also did great on her evaluation and 20 foot stay. Her handler is so proud of her and all her progress. This loving little girl is eager to please - can be stubborn sometimes but corrects easily. Being firm and consistent with her works well. Sweetdream gets along well with other greyhounds and loves attention from people. She's smart and friendly and her handler knows her new family will enjoy her so much.


Boc's Sweetdream has done great this week. She's spent a lot of time with alternate handlers and received great reports all round. One alternate handler did some joint traing practice with Sweetdream and Casey Ceith, sitting and doing down/stays together, and had so much fun with them both. Sweetdream is sunny: she stole a bar of soap from someone's bed and ran back to her bed area, not wanting to let it go! She also wanted to lick an inmate's feet - turned out she was licking at the Oil of Olay.... Her new thing is bowling for kibble where you throw a piece of kibble and she chases after it. She loves this and gets to do it as a reward after training sessions. Boy does it wear her out! Sweetdream can now shake her paw, an extra command she has learned thanks to her handler's bunkie, who taught her this past week. So she's practicing it to be ready to introduce herself to her new family. 


Sweetdream spent the weekend in another dorm and they really enjoyed this girl, who was a delight and really well-mannered. Sweetdream was very relaxed and laid back overall, with just a few antsy moments when the dorm got hectic and everyone was running around. Someone's going to receive a wonderful companion, was her weekend handler's comment about this great girl. Sweetdream is so smart and does all her commands well. Everybody in her regular dorm missed her while she was gone and was so happy to see her back.


Boc's Sweetdream is such a great dog. She's doing all her commands, plus extras, with no problem. She did great at training this week. Music was put on as a distraction and it didn't bother her at all in performing her commands. She is always calm in calm environments but sometimes when people around her are rushing around she's just ready to go and even excited. Her handler has been taking it slowly with her to reinforce a sense of calm during busy times. Everybody in the dorm adores Sweetdream and can't wait to see her, often asking where she is. She's going to be a great pet for her forever family. You will fall in love with her instantly, says her handler, just as she did.


Boc's Sweetdream is doing great! She did wonderfully with both of her alternate contacts this week. She had fun playing with a male grey from a neighboring dorm and playing with squeaky toys. She also did well off leash out on the field. Though she didn't run, she had fun practicing down/stay on the field. She enjoys this command and loves it when you release her with "here." It's a big game to her. Sweetdream knows her commands well. She's smart and eager to please, so when you ask something of her she will usually do it, especially for kibble. She can be stubborn at times but consistency and firmness works well. This little girl is a sweetheart, confident, outgoing, playful, loving, smart and eager to please. She's not only touched her handler's heart, but everyone else's that she has met. You just can't help but adore her.


This little girl has come a long way since she arrived. What confidence she has now! Sweetdream roams the dorm as if she owns it, walking in and out of people's bed areas searching for toys or just for attention. All the dorm mates love her and patiently wait for her to come out of the kennel, just to say hello to her. Sweetdream met a staff member who oversees another program and she just adored the woman, hardly able to hold in her excitement. Boc's Sweetdream trains every morning in the gym. She's not a fan of playing outside but loves to chase toys indoors. She does fine with the larger dogs, but it is "all about her!"  She's a great girl and her handler knows her new family will love her.


Sweetdream is a great dog and her handler loves her. This hound loves to be petted and massaged and leans into you for some love. When she's done or had enough, you'll know! She can be very determined when she's ready to go out or wants to play with a squeaky toy. One morning this week she wanted some water and jumped over a bed to go to pull her water dish out with her paw! Training is going really well. She knows all her commands. She's been practicing down/stay this past week and doing really well. Her time with alternate contacts went great this week.


Boc's Sweetdream is doing great. Her handler is so proud of her. She's a wonderful, smart and loving dog. She's now responding and focusing better. She seems to have found her confidence and is walking with her head high. She lives to be rewarded now with kibble or her squeaky toy. She always likes to be given loving attention, but doesn't get too excited. Sweetdream picks up quickly on any command and knows all her basics really well. She's such a good, obedient hound.


Sweetdream is doing so well. Her trust in her handler is building and she is becoming more comfortable; she's also no longer having trouble  walking on the hard floors. It only took Sweetdream a couple of hours to master sitting and she is doing well on her training, already responding to most of the basic commands. Her best commands so far are stairs and wait, which she knows well. She can get distracted, and her handler has found that she isn't really kibble or praise driven, so she's using squeaky toys and a couple of stuffed toys in her training instead, as this hound loves them! Sweetdream gets lots of attention from everyone and loves to be loved - she is such a sweet dog!

First Impressions - 5/19/13

On her first night, Boc's Sweetdream was nervous walking on the floors and didn't want to eat. Next day she found her appetite and began to do much better. She's quickly learning her name and walking well on leash already. Sweetdream is very friendly and likes going up to people in the dorm for attention. She gets on well with other hounds. She's a calm, loving girl who doesn't get excited easily. Though she's timid, her handler has seen progress in her behavior in just a couple of days and is looking forward to bringing this little girl, who is sweet as can be, out of her shell.