Guess what! Looks like I'll be getting a 4-ever home in a couple of weeks, and I may owe it to pretty little Calleigh. I referred some of my small dog owning admirers to her, and it seems she returned the favor. I misssed ONE stinkin' M&G this month: the one waay up in Cumming. I hear a nice couple who met her there got told about me when she was already claimed. If this is them,  I just hope they don't have their hearts set on a quiet shy hound. Well, I am pretty sweet for a big bouncy playful boy. Can't wait to meet them. Wish me luck.

Want one last chance to meet me? I will be making a farewell appearance at the Marietta Square  Sunday.  Beginning there, I'll start referring red dog fans to Sly and/or Ruger. They are very nice guys, even if not as well educated as Calleigh and me. And don't forget Spencer. He may be mostly white, but he has pretty red spots.