Fonzy & I are discussing requesting a wider door, since we each refuse to allow the other to go through first.  Samantha is usually already outside and calling us.  Two side by side greyhounds are a tight squeeze for a 15" wide  flap, even if it does say XXL. If we don't get those muscular hindquarters lined up right, we may wind up stuck one day. The race across the tile kitchen floor can get interesting,too, with 8 long legs slipping , sliding, and going in all directions.

Guess what happened at the Sandy Springs Festival Saturday.  For one thing, I finally met that Very Red guy named Sly. He was quite nice, but made me look  pale, his color is so bright.  His mom tried to make him lie down and rest his repaired leg; but he insisted on spending the afternoon  up meeting and greeting with Spencer and me. Just one of the guys.  But, enough about my buds. I met this really cute girl dog  who was volunteering in the next booth. She looked a lot like my Sis Sam, but about half her size and age. I tried to turn on the charm, but she seemed to be flirting back,too, if I do say so myself.  I must have had some success, 'cause her mom came over and took my picture.  Hey, I'm available if you want to discuss a  permanent gig. I was very good about little dogs, again, and hardly even noticed the cats in the booth on our other side.

 I did ride the bus going  to the festival, and was much better behaved than the humans my age; but the bus drivers didn't seem as dog friendly this year, so Mom P decided to try to walk back to the car when we left. We made it, but I was practically carryng the old girl the last half block. Good thing I'm sturdy and strong.