Its history.  It was different in several ways.  First, Fonzy didn't go with us this time. Second, it was indoors at a PetSmart store. What a cool place! Several of my friends were there: Spencer/Raiders Earth from my prison class as well as Spirit and his sister ,Daisy , who I met at my first M&G.  You know, the one with the invisible pigs and peaches. This one wasn't as busy  or as loud, but we still got lots of good petting while we met & gret(?) lots of very nice folks.

Next week, we go to Sandy Springs, then the last day of the month to the Marietta Square. Mom P says those will be more like our first one: outdoors and lively. She also gave me an "atta-boy" for being calmer about having little dogs around. Not that I'll be allowed to have one, you understand.

Oh, yeah. We got stuck in construction traffic going and coming home, so were forced off the expressways and onto surface streets.  Didn't matter to me in the backseat; but I'm too good a boy to repeat  what Mom P was muttering up front!