Fonzy was right. Meeting and Greeting is a ton of fun. I'm glad he got to go with me for my first outing.  I saw niether a pig nor a peach.  There was a really round rottwieller and a roly poly pug, but calling them pigs probably wouldn't be polite. I saw several of my old buddies from the prison. Would they be Pen Pals?  There were also a few hounds I hadn't met before, but they all seemed nice. I must agree with Big Bro,though. The best thing is all those people of all sizes who stopped to visit and pet us.  The little ones are especially fun.

There was one big loud thing I didn't like at all.  Mom P and Ms Mel, who went with us said its called a helicopter. If I never meet one of those again, that will be soon enough.  We had to walk really close to it as we were leaving and it was landing, but Fonzy & Mom P walked between me and it, so it wasn't too bad. If I must meet another one, it likely won't bother me next time.

The Fonz and I had to share the back seat of the car along with our beds, the cooler, toys , and people chairs. Interesting on the way in the daylight when we could see everything. On the way home, we were tired, hungry, cranky, and in the dark. Being a little snarly when we bumped each other got us yelled at. Still, when is the next M&G? Sign me up.

BTW, speaking of cars : I don't like to brag (not much); but despite Fonzy's seniority, I'm a better rider than he.  I jumped right in, going and coming home, but he had to be boosted in  after being adopted a whole year. Nyah,nyah, nyah, Bro.