That's what Mom P calls the Fonz and me.  Since I'm bigger and darker, she doesn't really have a problem telling us apart, but she did put an orange collar on me in contrast to his brown one so she doesn't have to squint when we are across the room.   Sister Sam says she loves us both, and has no problem distinguishing us with a quick sniff; but likes it a lot that, being such a youngster,  I am more willing to roughhouse with her.  She may be an old lady, but she's a tough and playfull old girl.  Mom P tends to yell at us when she thinks we get too loud and  rowdy.  Fonzy is usually watching quietly from a distance. What a brown noser! Literally, we both are since we have dark masks, but you know what I mean.

Guess what I learned about the art of couch lounging.  Turns out us greyhounds carry most of our weight in our muscular hindquarters ( fat a**'s , if you prefer).  That means if you want to leave something hanging off the edge, it needs to be your feet.  Found myself suddenly picking myself off the floor a couple of times before I figured that one out, but its so comfy that I jumped right back up. When Fonzy is on the other end, that's one stuffed sofa!

 We are planning to attend a Meet & Greet  next weekend in Kennesaw.  Never did that before, but Fonzy tells me he loves them and thinks I will,too. He promises to show me the ropes and how to lure passersby out of a crowd and into our booth for some concentrated petting.  Mom P says he really is good at it and has invited a friend along so both of us can go.  I'll report in my next entry.