Officially, I'm still Sleeper, and I won a bunch of races under that name, but I don't think it sounds very speedy,do you? The ladies at the prison gave me the nickname  Taz. Sounds a bit fierce for a sweetheart like me, but I think its pretty cool. especially since I'm now living with a guy called The Fonz

Yesterday,we were riding in cars ALL DAY until almost night following our graduation and prison break. We finally stopped and found a bunch of people waiting for us. Some went home with new families, the rest of us to temporary foster homes. I met and headed home with Foster Mom Pat, hereinafter known as Mom P. Almost dark by the time we got here, so  I just met the family through the fence, went exploring the yard, got a quick supper, and bedded down in the downstairs part of the house. I barked a lot to make sure they didn't forget me. That usually brought somebody to the gate to check on me during the night.

This morning, after  breakfast, my foster siblings came into my part of the yard  for introductions.First  big brother Fonzy. He's big only in being older. He's an inch and a half shorter than me and probably a few pounds lighter. Lighter in color,too.  We're both officially red males, but he's more of a blonde.  He and Sister Samantha are about the same color. As a Golden Retriever, she's even shorter, quite wide, and extremely fluffy. Did I mention old? While the Fonz will turn 6 next month, she'll be 10 in the Fall.  Wow. Seems ancient to little 3 1/2 year old me.

Anyhow, once we all met, they led me through the other side of the yard, up the stairs, and through the doggie door into the main part of the house. Not much bigger than last night's basement accommodations, but divvied into several rooms with furniture, so more fun to explore. I'd heard rumors about sofas and finally got to try one out. Yeah, I can see why they've become legendary in greyhound circles and how we have become famous as couch potatoes.

Mom P says someday I'll have one of my own; but, meanwhile, I can share this one with her and Fonzy. Mz  'Mantha has gotten too stiff to jump that high, but can still make it into the lookout chair where we take turns on watch out the windows and onto the futon in the bedroom. Its sort of a mini-sofa. Along with several dog beds, there are enough cozy spots to go around   Yep. I think this will do until I find a place of my own.