Training Continues

Hope is still the dorm mascot because she always wants to be held, hugged, and petted by all residences.  She is always so gentle towards all dogs (size or breed doesn't matter) and is always looking to please.

Hope gave unconditional love to one of the inmates during the Thanksgiving Holidays.  One of the girls was very sad, it was her first holiday away from her family, and Hope's trainer suggested she sit in the floor with Hope.  Since Hope is very affectionate, she put her head on this girls lap and loved on her until there was no more sadness to be seen. 

Training Updates

Hope has mastered all of her commands and does them with proficiency.  This past weekend, Hope had her weekend swap in  the other greyhound dorm.  Her trainer was very pleased to hear how affectionate, well mannered, and loving Hope is, and that everyone loved her.

Hope's trainer believes that with her quiet disposition, and affectionate manner, she will make anyone a great new friend.    


Training Updates

Hope has made tremendous progress this week.  She did excellent on her evaluation for her commands:  sit, down, wait, bed, kennel, and stay.  Hope has started to come out of her shell and is enjoying playing  with the other greyhounds.  She has also learned a new game called "hide & seek".  Tunnels are used for this game and she hides in a tunnel and waits, so she can surprise her trainer.

Hope is a wonderful greyhound with a wonderful disposition.  She is very friendly and loves to be loved on. 

1st Training Updates

Betitallonblack, nka "Hope" has had an extraordinary week.  She has made such a change since she first arrived.  Hope is slowly evolving and coming out of her shell.  She is very friendly, and socializes with all dorm residents, wanting only to be loved on.

Hope has learned to "sit", "down", "bed", "heel", and "wait".  The wonderful thing about her doing the commands, is that she does it without kibble.  She does it for love.