Antsinthepantry is still dominant in play mode and a competitive girl. She goes everywhere with her handler and loves to chill on her blanket while she works all day. She has the best personality and is so spunky. She's friendly with everyone - loves people - and is very smart and obedient. She learns commands quickly. Antsinthepantry likes to play with squeaky toys and can entertain herself endlessly playing and throwing her toy up in the air. She is going to be a great companion and friend. Enjoy this feisty girl!


Antsinthepantry is a cuddler. Her handler can lie down on the floor next to her without any problem. She knows her commands well and this past week she was put through her paces to improve her wait response and did great. This sweet hound spends time in class with her handler and behaves well. She is an active girl; she loves to play with Kongs and toys. Her handler says she enjoys chewing on a Nylabone to keep herself occupied in her kennel. She also likes to run with other dogs and is quite competitive. Antsinthepantry loves her food and is always on the lookout for treats and tidbits. She is a very loving girl and her handler says she has been a real treat to be around.


Last weekend Antsinthepantry had her weekend switch and had a great time. She was really well behaved. It's been a good week for her. She's spent a lot of time enjoying the sunshine, playing and going for walks. This girl is such a joy and is going to be an amazing companion and pet. She has such a fun and spunky personality and you can't help but fall in love with her. Her adopted family will be thrilled with their special girl.


Antsinthepantry had a great weekend. She's sweet and loving and loves to cuddle and to play. She's very competitive when running; she also loves to toss her toy in the air and chase it. She knows how to entertain herself! A very happy and outgoing dog, she is fearless and wants to explore everything. Antsinthepantry does great no matter who she is with and never fails to put a smile on your face. She's known and loved around the compound. She goes to school and even went to horticulture and explored everything she could. She got to walk on gravel rocks and was around the CCI and Easter Seal dogs and did great with them.


As usual it has been a fun-filled adventure all week with Antsinthepantry. She's the number one choice with the alternate contacts. She's a great dog, walks fabulously on lead and is great at all her commands. The staff all love her and she pays particular attention to the male staff members, who have nicknamed her "Firecracker" because she is so feisty and friendly. She's such an amazing dog and wonderful constant companion, so happy and loving that you can't help be happy, too. She loves to be silly and roll and show her tummy. She's so cute! Her forever family is in for a treat!


Antsinthepantry accompanies her handler everywhere and enjoys traveling all over the compound. She's only really bossy when she plays and is being less so now with her girl hound friends, Sassy and Passion. She is an absolute joy to have and to train. Anyone who takes her comments on what a great girl she is and how great she walks on leash - she never pulls or strays away. She's also doing great at her commands and loves to show her tummy and do a roll. She's a super fun dog, very smart and affectionate.


It's been another fabulous week with Antsinthepantry. Her handlers both love her spunky diva personality. She went to school and ventured around the room, mingling with the students. She's been getting a lot of exercise at rec and on the fields. She loves playing off leash. Her best buddy is Sassy Girl and they love running after toys and playing and barking at each other. Antsinthepantry is doing really great at her training, doing commands and listening. She's a very smart girl, capable of learning commands well. She's also fun, sweet and a great companion.


It's been another excellent week with this super fun girl. She's confident, fearless and very feisty and plays alpha with the female greyhounds, yet is gentle and passive with the Easter Seal and CCI dogs. She prefers running and playing with the boys. Antsinthepantry is an awesome dog and her handler says she accompanies her everywhere like a show pony! She did excellently in her assessment - she's so smart. She loves everyone and has fun lying down watching the inmates play softball - her head follows the ball everywhere. Antsinthepantry is outgoing, friendly and obedient and is doing great on her commands.


It's been such an exciting week with Antsinthepantry: she's so fun and fearless and her handler just adores her. She started training and has shown herself to be a doggy genius. She's learned so quickly and picked up most of her commands already. This girl is so well-behaved, lying down to watch her handler's flag football game and being taken all around the compound. She was allowed off leash on the big dog field and absolutely loved it, frolicking and playing great by herself. She's friendly and playful but does like to be the boss when other greyhounds come to play and she runs with them. This girl is amazing, very obedient and loving. She walks great on lead and while playful, is also ready to lie down calmly and relax while her handler works.

3/10/13 - First impressions

Antsinthepantry has been a delight since she pranced through the door. Her coat is soft and shiny and her teeth in great shape. She's a happy girl, always smiling. Antsinthepantry loves to walk out on the field and investigate everything. Though she loves to play and has lots of energy, she will also settle down and relax; this weekend she lay on her comforter in the day room and kept her handlers company watching movies. This friendly and gentle little girl shows no anxiety and her handlers love her to pieces already.