Red Rider is a retired lady who enjoys the quiet life. She can occasionally be playful - enjoys squeakies - but her idea of a good time - after she does some training and a little exercising - is lying on a long fluffy comforter and listening to tropical music! She knows all her commands very well, even though she sometimes pauses before responding, and does best being spoken to calmly and gently. Her handler has absolutely loved this laid back and submissive hound's company.


Red Rider is a laid back girl a lot of the time, unless her handler gets her "pumped up". Most of the time she just likes to relax with her human. She does like to play and chase a ball one on one with her handler. All her commands are good, but she is still uncomfortable with stairs. Her handler is particularly pleased with her wait command - such an important command to obey, she says. This sweet little girl is fun, loving and friendly and gets along with people and dogs alike. She doesn't let anything get her down, or "dim her shine," as her handler puts it. She's bubbly and beautiful and will make a loyal companion.


Red Rider just delights her handler all the time. Each week this girl's character comes out. This past week, she's been quite playful and has been roaching, grinning with her teeth showing. She is the cutest. Every day she's such a pleasure to work with. Kennel time, she'll smush her face up as tight against the bars as she can so that her nose is pushed in the air and her lip is up above her teeth. She'll stare for the longest time at her handler, just wanting to get some extra petting and cooing before she settles down for the night. She's so comical. Red Rider is learning her commands but at her own steady pace; she's a sensitive dog and doesn't like raised voices, so her commands need to be given gently! Her days, apart from some walking and short runs outside, are mostly about relaxing on a comforter or hanging out in the day room watching TV. And of course demanding attention from all the inmates there...


This weekend Red Rider had a sleep over in another quad and the handler who took her had a blast. This sweet girl is described by her handler as "America's Sweetheart." She's a very serene and affectionate little girl. Her teddy bear fur is super soft - you could pet her for hours and she'd let you! Give this girl a squeaky toy or some peanut butter and you'll definitely win her over. Red Rider responds well to her commands, though she's still working on stay. She follows her handler well, pretty much stopping at doors when she does without needing the wait command, and she does well with here when spoken gently. She's a really good girl.


Red Rider and her handler have had a wonderful time this week, as always. This gentle girl has been practicing her commands at a steady pace and does well. The bad weather has kept them inside much of the time. Indoors she lies down on a pile of blankets and relaxes with her chew bones. (Even though she's very calm with toys, her handler has noticed that the plushy toys get shredded quickly!)  Red Rider can be shy at times and likes gentle voices, just as she is calm and gentle. She loves people and is very open to affection. She's fine with all the dogs, large and small but is just as happy in her own company. Nothing is "too much" for this graceful, very laid back girl; she is the easiest dog her handler has ever had.


Red Rider is coming along well with her commands and responds to all the basics - some a little more slowly but she knows them. She hasn't yet learned the stairs. She walks great on leash. This warm, gentle, docile and submissive girl is well known around the compound. She's loving and affectionate and has personality - a super-duper hound is how her handler describes her. She loves her friends, loves her toys and loves to chill out and relax.


Red Rider's handler continues to really enjoy this dear little girl and she's a favorite in the dorm. She's a very calm and mellow, laid back and gentle greyhound. She wants nothing more than to rub up against someone and receive rubs, hugs and lots of affection. She's good about receiving hugs around her head and neck and doesn't pull away. This girl walks really great on leash without pulling and has learned how to heel this week. She's not a super fast learner but has been making progress with all her commands at her own pace. She's easy to correct with a mild vocal correction when needed. Red Rider has had no issues and her handler says she has great doggie manners. She loves people. And now she has discovered she loves chew toys, too - especially ropes!


Red Rider loves the quiet life. She's not into the crazy scene, so she and her handler enjoy keeping it simple, relaxing and enjoying their peace of mind together. Until the toys come out.  This girl loves her toys and they really bring out her fun side. She spent a few hours in another quad this week and did fantastically. She's such a gentle hound, easily correctable and so sweet. She's the type of dog that would even make a non-dog lover reconsider, says her handler. Gotta love her!


If her handler had to describe Red Rider in one word, it would be "gentle" or "submissive." This little girl's demeanor is laid back, affectionate and cool. Having said that, she also has her moments when she is active and fun, especially when it comes to her playing with squeaky toys or running after balls. She's done well this week with practice on walking on leash with officers. When not exercising, this hound loves to relax and chill with her handler. One of her favorite things is having her tummy rubbed until she falls asleep. This sweet baby girl has manners and charm. Her handler enjoys every moment spent with her, as do all the ladies in the dorm.

3/10/13 - First impressions

AMF Red Rider is already settling right in. She's a very low key gal, with only occasional brief moments of excitement, such as when she's let out of her kennel in the mornings. Most of the time she's very calm and relaxed and walks around looking for love and affection. She melts people's hearts with her beautiful brown eyes and has been greeted with oohs and aahs whenever she wanders in the dorm. This little girl gets on great with the other hounds. She shows no concern if her trainer puts her hand in her bowl or pets her while she's eating. She also loves hugs and is a leaner - she leans into everyone, loving the attention. This beautiful, sweet girl is already waiting at doors when told to and walking well on leash. So far, she's doing wonderfully.