Free At Last

Hello there! My name is Dex, well, Dex Allder Cane. Last Thursday, four of my friends and I officially  graduated from a nine week camp where we went through obedience training in order to help us pass the Canine Good Citizenship test. I hate to brag but Sunny (Bailey) and I graduated top of our class as we seem to have perfected the commands our trainers taught us which include: sit, down, let’s go, shake, bed, heel, and many more! While I was excited to graduate, I missed my brother Oly and wished that he could have been there graduating with me.

After the graduation ceremony, Nona and Melissa picked us up and took us to meet Scott, Aunt Kim (I’ll explain that one later) and Amy in Perry so they could bring us back up to Atlanta to our forever homes. It was a long ride but I was a good boy and slept the whole way back. I think I surprised my Aunt Kim with my good behavior because one the way down I really wanted to ride in the front seat next to her to give her company. However, I have learned that the front seat is for people only. I promise I was just trying to be a gentleman.

Saying bye to all of my friends was a little tough because we have been on a long journey together but I was very excited to see where my foster mom was taking me and she also promised me the whole way home that I would get to see all of my friends and Oly (did she say Oly!) at meet and greets, fundraisers and on many other occasions so to not worry. What a relief! Anyway, at about 9 o’clock we pulled up to a house. I was ready to get out of the car, that’s for sure! We went into the back yard and to my surprise, there were two black greys waiting to meet me! Yes I thought…new friends! I introduced myself and then they introduced themselves to me and told me their names are Cotton and Candy. They gave me a tour of their home, showed me my crate, and told me that they would share their beds with me and that I could also play with their toys. Score!

I am adjusting very well, I will have to admit. When I need to go “hurry” (potty) I just walk up to the back door and they let me out. I get to nap on comfy beds with the girls and also play with lots and lots of fun toys. I have a big backyard to run around in, although I’m playing it safe for now!  I am still trying to figure out a few things like this huge bright light that has sound coming out of it? Cotton and Candy tell me it’s a television but I still don’t get it.

Okay, I’m worn out…it’s naptime! I’ll be back later to tell you more!

Slurps and kisses for now,
Dex Allder Cane


Training Update: Week Six

Dex is a very active companion and willing to please.  He was introduced to jogging with his trainer and is loving it.  He will make a great running partner. 

Dex knows all his commands.  He is working on stay in the sit position and heels beautifully.  He continues to play ball.  Dex gets hot quickly and knows where the pool is to cool down immediately.

Dex also enjoys running with the group and after all the work and play are over, he can be a very laid back boy. 

Training Update: Week Four

Dex is one smart dog! He has grown leaps and bounds in his four weeks working with his trainer. During that time he has learned to sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, wait and go up and down the stairs.

But it's not all work and no play for this handsome boy. Dex loves to run and play with his running pal and then cool off in the shade.

Dex is curious and loves to be next to you. He also loves to give kisses.

Yes Mam'

Dex is such a great listener. He has really shown that he aims the please his trainer this week. They have been working on his sit command, and while he is still a bit slow to respond, you can see his wheels turning and he is eager to work until he gets it right.

Dex hasn't caught on to all the fun available in the toy basket, but he and his trainer are working on finding what he finds most fun and using that to reward him. Right now it is a romp around the puppy play yard.

Show Me the Stairs

This boy knows no fear. Dex is very curious and went right up and down the set of training stairs during the first week without any coaxing. He and his trainer is very proud of his bravery and he wants to show others how to successfully go up and down the stairs over and over and over again. So, we're using the stairs as a reward for him as encouragement to learn how to sit!

Life in Training - Week One

Dex is just getting used to his new name. Dex is a wonderful sweet dog who loves to give and receive love. He's just now starting to learn a few basic commands. He's been easy to bond with and he trusts his handler readily. 

Check back next week to see what Dex has learned after his first official week of classes. He's a smart guy, so expect him to excel!