Winnin Wednesday "Abby"

b. 7/1/2001 d. 10/13/2012


Abby spent her first 5 years racing because she was fast. She raced in Alabama and on several tracks in Florida, winning first place many times. She was adopted by a couple whom she lived with for about four years. After the husband died - Abby was 9 then - the wife couldn't keep her, so we agreed to foster her until a new home could be found.

We fostered Abby for about an hour. She was such a sweet, easy-going, obedient and smart girl that no one in the house wanted to let her go. She lived harmoniously with our family and 2 other greyhounds for two and a half years.


Abby never growled or got cross with any one or any dog. She was the smartest greyhound we've ever had, and she was a huge comfort and patient companion to our 4 year old greyhound CoCo, who had separation anxiety when we first adopted her. CoCo loved to curl up on the same bed or in the same crate as Abby, and Abby was always patient with her. We have many pictures of them on the same dog bed, curled up together in the shape of a heart.


Abby's demands were few, but when another dog was in the bed she preferred, she would bark at me until I rearranged them. If a meal was overdue or she needed to go out, she would bark and wag her tail with a huge smile on her face until I complied. She was a delightful and beautiful dog who had a gorgeous thick coat of white fur with caramel colored spots. We miss her very much and are so glad that we had the chance to give her a good life. She died peacefully in her sleep.