Ella has really taught her inmate trainer how to enjoy life.  She arrived at the prison in March with little eyes that beamed with love and life.  Since she began trusting her trainer she really has blossomed and that's an amazing feeling looking back from the beginning.

Ella knows all of her commands (sit, down, stay, here, shake, bed, stairs, wait, kiss, and lap) well and without kibble.  Her trainer lays with her on the floor, hugging her neck.  She is really a great dog!

Her inmate trainer is thankful again for the opportunity to train these Greyhounds but most importantly love them unconditionally.

Ella enjoys rolling on her back and letting any and everyone rub her belly.  She is quite the little princess who is going to love her new family and life!  Enjoy her!


Bar Moore is a character. She is such a silly girl. She almost skips as she walks. She always sees the world through rose colored glasses. She is a free spirit and just loves everyone and everything. She has been a good sport and is letting the girls in training work on the commands with her. She definitely has them down pat. She will be a wonderful and entertaining addition to her forever home.


Bar Moore is one of a kind. She is full of unconditional love and happiness. She has a great spirit and is just full of life. She loves and is loved by everyone and is comfortable with strangers. Her personality and sweetness really puts people at ease. Her training continues to progress and she is currently working on her commands without treats. She can't wait to impress her family.


Bar Moore is a goofy girl. If you pause on your walk she will lay down and roll on the ground to get you to play with her and if you run with her she gets excited and barks at you as if she is saying hurry up, your slow! She is very social with both humans and canines and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She is incredibly smart and is learning her commands quickly without any difficulty. This little overachiever is working hard to impress her forever family.


Bar Moore is outgoing and friendly to both humans and canines. She has even shared a water bowl with one of the lab puppies. She has no fear or aggression and is a master of adaptation. Nothing has phased this girl, she is up to any challenge. She loves her toys and play time but she is not obnoxious with them. She is a goofball because she loves to walk, but when she gets tired she will just flop down and rest. She is very smart and really doing well on her commands and is already doing the stairs without any problems.


Bar Moore is such a friendly outgoing gal. She loves attention and is extremely affectionate. She will put her head in your lap when she wants attention, which is most of the time. She is doing great with her restroom breaks and is really adjusting well to her new environment. She is very easy going and nothing has startled her. She gets along with all the other greyhounds.